Feb. 6th, 2013

SO, more writing has been happening, as James, Lynda Rucker, and I work our way towards our February 15th deadline. We even drafted my Uncle, a recently retired librarian, to write for us! This is only the third time any writing from anyone in my family who isn't me has sent in any writing! Of course, we're looking for more writing about... well, writing.

The one thing that is going along faster than I expected is in the area of art. Every issue I edit, I try to do a visual theme. Sometimes it's something simple like manipulated text. Other times, it's a conceptual thing like the general Victorian theme of the Sherlock Holmes issue. I thought that one turned out pretty good. I'll never be Pete Young, the best layout guy I've ever seen, pro or fan, but I have fun with it and I think my turns at JP layout, aside from a few minor fails, have been pretty good.

This issue, we've got a cover from a first-time zine cover artist! I'm excited! We're also taking dozens of photos of old-timey typewriters! Should be a lot of fun!

One thing that I'm excited about is that I got an image of an automaton! I love automata!

If you've got any art, send it our way!



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