Jan. 11th, 2013

So, the next issue of Journey Planet is all about writers and writing. There's a lot of stuff we're looking at, and we'd love to get more folks who work in the world of writing to send stuff our way. And not just novelists and short story-ists, but all manner of writing, from screenwriting to songwriting to stuff!

One issue we'll be looking at is the 'de-selecting' of an Alan Moore graphic novel from the shelves of a Greenville, SC, public library. There's a lot of talk about this as censorship (and you can read a really good piece on it by James at http://forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/2013/comics-james-bacon-on-de-selection-and-the-smiling-face-of-censorship/ It's an interesting problem and there's a lot of different things to talk about.

My big thing is the question of censorship (and this Greenville case falls into that category) vs. Prioritized collection. Is it equally as bad for a library to just not buy a book of 'sensitive nature' in favor of safe, sanitized works? What exactly is the goal of a Library's collection? What best serves the community in the selection process. These are things that we'll talk about in addition to the particular case of Greenville. We've been approaching Librarians to get a professional opinion, and there are several sides to this one, as difficult as it may be to see that.

The deadline for the writer's issue is February 15th, so there's a little over a month to send stuff if you've got anything!



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